Contact High (2009)

Contact High (2009) Explores connection between music and cannabis culture. Interviews musicians, producers, DJs on role of marijuana in creative process.

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Bones and All (2022)

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"Bones and All" (2022) is a coming-of-age horror film directed by Luca Guadagnino. It follows a young woman with a mysterious condition that compels her to consume the people she loves. On a journey across America, she grapples with her identity and searches for belonging, confronting her dark urges along the way.


Director: Luca Guadagnino Main Actors: Timothée Chalamet Taylor Russell and Mark Rylance


Identity: The film delves into the protagonist's struggle to understand her own identity amidst her unusual and potentially monstrous affliction. Love and Acceptance: It explores the complexities of love and acceptance, both from oneself and from others, despite one's flaws and challenges. Redemption: The theme of redemption runs through the narrative as the protagonist seeks to reconcile with her past and find a path towards redemption and self-acceptance.


What defines humanity, and how do we reconcile with our darker impulses? Can love conquer all, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges? How do we find redemption and acceptance in a world that often fears and rejects what it cannot understand?

Spotlight Scene

There isn't a specific cannabis-related scene in "Bones and All." However, in a scene set in a relaxed social setting or among friends, characters might be depicted casually using cannabis, reflecting the laid-back atmosphere.

Film Remake

Timothée Chalamet: Lucas Hedges - Both actors have demonstrated versatility and depth in their performances, making Hedges a suitable choice for the lead role. Taylor Russell: Anya Taylor-Joy - Taylor-Joy's ability to portray complex characters with depth and nuance would be a great fit for the female lead.


Protagonist: "I may be a monster, but I'm still human." Love Interest: "I'd rather be with you, even if it means facing your demons." Mentor Figure: "Sometimes, the darkest parts of us hold the most light."

Life Lessons

Self-Acceptance: Embracing one's flaws and imperfections is essential for personal growth and acceptance. Understanding Others: Accepting others for who they are, regardless of their differences or challenges, is crucial for fostering empathy and compassion. Redemption: No matter the mistakes or past actions, there is always a chance for redemption and forgiveness through self-awareness and positive change.

Similar Films

"Let the Right One In" (2008): A horror-romance film that explores themes of love, identity, and acceptance in the context of a vampire story. "Thelma" (2017): A supernatural thriller that delves into themes of identity, desire, and self-discovery. "The Shape of Water" (2017): A fantasy romance film that explores themes of love, acceptance, and the beauty of embracing what makes us different.


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0 - 4.20 Rating

3.15. The film is a thoughtful, well-executed exploration of the human condition, but lacks the comedic and cannabis-fueled elements of a film like Half Baked.


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