Contact High (2009)

Contact High (2009) Explores connection between music and cannabis culture. Interviews musicians, producers, DJs on role of marijuana in creative process.

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Mainstream (2021)

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Mainstream (2021) directed by Gia Coppola, delves into the world of social media fame through the eyes of a struggling artist, Frankie, who becomes entangled with a charismatic but erratic internet star, Link. As their online presence grows, they confront the consequences of their newfound fame in a satirical exploration of modern culture."


Director: Gia Coppola Main Actors: Maya Hawke as Frankie Andrew Garfield as Link Nat Wolff as Jake


Fame and Celebrity Culture: The film explores the allure of fame and the impact of social media on modern-day celebrity culture, highlighting its addictive nature and consequences. Authenticity vs. Artificiality: It delves into the tension between staying true to oneself and conforming to societal expectations and the curated personas often presented on social media. Media Manipulation: Through the character of Link, the film examines the power dynamics and manipulation tactics employed by influencers and media personalities to maintain their relevance and influence.


What is the true cost of fame, and is it worth sacrificing one's authenticity and integrity for public validation? How do social media platforms shape our perception of reality and influence our behavior and self-worth? Can individuals break free from the cycle of validation-seeking and find fulfillment outside of the digital realm?

Spotlight Scene

In one scene, Frankie and her friends gather at a party where cannabis is being consumed casually in the background, adding to the atmosphere of hedonism and escapism often associated with youth culture and social gatherings depicted in the film.

Film Remake

Frankie: Elle Fanning - Fanning's ability to portray complex and emotionally resonant characters would bring depth to the role of a young woman navigating the pitfalls of fame. Link: Timothée Chalamet - Chalamet's charisma and intensity would capture the enigmatic and charismatic nature of Link, the mysterious outsider. Jake: Lucas Hedges - Hedges's versatility and ability to convey vulnerability would add complexity to the character of Frankie's friend and confidant.


Frankie: "Do we even know what's real anymore, or are we just living in some twisted simulation?" Link: "We're all just characters in each other's stories, playing our parts to perfection." Jake: "Sometimes, the hardest part is knowing when to hit pause and step back from the chaos."

Life Lessons

Authenticity Over Validation: The film highlights the importance of staying true to oneself and maintaining authenticity, even in the face of societal pressures and the allure of fame. Critical Media Literacy: It emphasizes the need to critically evaluate the content and messages presented on social media platforms and recognize the influence they have on our perceptions and behaviors. Balancing Digital and Real-Life Relationships: Finding a balance between online interactions and real-life connections is crucial for maintaining genuine and meaningful relationships.

Similar Films

"The Social Network" (2010): A drama film that explores the founding of Facebook and the rise of social media, examining themes of ambition, betrayal, and the impact of technology on society. "Ingrid Goes West" (2017): A dark comedy that follows an unstable young woman who becomes obsessed with a social media influencer, exploring themes of identity, obsession, and authenticity. "Eighth Grade" (2018): A coming-of-age comedy-drama that follows a young girl navigating the challenges of adolescence and social media in the digital age.


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0 - 4.20 Rating

3.6 on the 0.0 - 4.20 scale. Its exploration of fame, social media, and authenticity aligns with the introspective and socially relevant elements often associated with cannabis-related media. It offers a provocative and thought-provoking commentary on contemporary culture and the pursuit of validation in the digital age.


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