Contact High (2009)

Contact High (2009) Explores connection between music and cannabis culture. Interviews musicians, producers, DJs on role of marijuana in creative process.

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The Menu (2022)

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"The Menu" (2022) is a dark comedy horror film directed by Mark Mylod. It follows a young couple who visit an exclusive restaurant on a remote island, where the renowned chef's lavish tasting menu includes shocking and sinister surprises. The film satirizes elite culinary culture and explores themes of power and class.


Director: Mark Mylod Main Actors: Anya Taylor-Joy Nicholas Hoult Ralph Fiennes


Elitism and Class: The film critiques the exclusivity and pretentiousness of high-end dining and the wider implications of class division. Artistry vs. Commerce: It explores the tension between culinary creativity and the commercial pressures faced by chefs and restaurateurs. Power and Control: The dynamics between the chef and his guests highlight themes of power, control, and subjugation within elite circles.


How does elitism in dining reflect broader societal class divisions? What is the true cost of culinary artistry in a commercialized world? How do power dynamics manifest in exclusive, high-pressure environments?

Spotlight Scene

There isn't a specific cannabis-related scene in "The Menu." However, the film's focus on indulgence, sensory experiences, and the pursuit of pleasure in fine dining might indirectly connect to themes of altered states and escapism, akin to experiences sometimes sought through cannabis use.

Film Remake

Margot: Florence Pugh - Known for her strong and nuanced performances, Pugh would bring depth to the character. Tyler: Timothée Chalamet - His versatility and ability to portray complex, slightly obsessive characters would fit well. Chef Julian Slowik: Mads Mikkelsen - His intense presence and ability to play sophisticated yet menacing roles would be perfect.


Chef Julian Slowik: "Tonight, we create more than food; we create an experience." Margot: "Why does perfection always come at such a high price?" Tyler: "You don't just taste the dish; you taste the passion behind it."

Life Lessons

Questioning Elitism: It’s important to be aware of how elitism affects our experiences and interactions, and to question the value placed on exclusivity. Balancing Art and Commerce: Creative professions often require balancing artistic integrity with commercial viability, a tension many face in various industries. Power Dynamics: Understanding and navigating power dynamics in high-pressure environments is crucial for maintaining autonomy and integrity.

Similar Films

"The Platform" (2019): Explores themes of class and survival within a vertical prison where food distribution highlights societal inequities. "Burnt" (2015): Follows a chef's quest for redemption and the pressures of maintaining culinary excellence. "Parasite" (2019): A darkly comedic look at class disparity and the lengths people will go to climb the social ladder.


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0 - 4.20 Rating

3.6 on the 0.0 - 4.20 scale. While not explicitly focused on cannabis, its rich exploration of sensory experiences, indulgence, and societal critique resonates with the introspective and critical themes often found in cannabis-related media. It stands well above minimal cannabis-related content like "Bambi" (1942), offering a thought-provoking and immersive cinematic experience.


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